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Udumo Design began as a dream through the vision of marketing professional and entrepreneur, San-Marie Vogel. 

During November 2013, San-Marie wanted to know how she could live her passion in interior design and all things beautiful, and still make a difference in her community as part of God’s greater plan.

Christmas decorations were out in full swing. Snowflakes were afloat and reindeer, heading for the North Pole, hanging in the shops.

She felt something was out of place, since all of these products sported ‘Made in China’ labels. There had to be a better way to employ local skills and to design, manufacture and deploy Christmas decorations that were own to our local South African heritage!

She immediately liaised with her local church (Oakhill) and signed up for their community project, Learn2Live in Wallacedene, a local informal settlement in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. The already existing footprint in the area paved the way for Udumo Design and created another platform for Learn2Live to get involved in an enterprise development initiative.

They immediately gathered a team and put them through Work 4 A Living training. They started designing, planning and manufacturing decorations, which led to the award-winning ‘Fauna and Flora’ Christmas decorations that were featured in the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre during Christmas 2014. Since these humble beginnings, the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre was bestowed with the coveted Spectrum Award at the 2015 Footprint Awards, and Udumo subsequently secured the contract to supply the centre with Christmas decorations for the following 2 years (being 2015 and 2016).

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