Tygervalley Christmas Decor

The story behind the Tygervalley Christmas Decor

Our current upliftment project involves creating Christmas decorations for the Christmas Season at Tygervalley Centre, having done so successfully in the past. The management of the Tygervalley Centre immediately bought into the vision of creating an authentic South African Christmas whilst empowering a community with new entrepreneurial skills.

Tyger Valley Shopping Centre walked away with the prestigious Spectrum Award at the 2015 Footprint Awards when Udumo provided a refreshing and proudly South African approach to their festive décor in 2014 through a “Christmas in Africa” theme.

In 2015 we celebrated the Festival of Light, featuring various light installations incorporating traditional Shweshwe designs depicting the traditional Baobab Tree, herald angels and Christ in the manger, conveying the good news of Christmas.

In 2016 the partnerships with communities in Wallacedene and Paarl signified the true meaning of the Good News Gospel! The 2016 project also included handmade items produced by Westcliffe School in Bellville. Talented students with stars in their eyes were responsible for creating every star in Tyger Valley Centre! A heavenly host of angels were our inspiration for Christmas 2016. We used fabric, wire, lights and paper to create angels, wreaths and shapes to celebrate the Good news of Christmas. The angel’s theme also tied in strongly with the wonderful group of “angels” who assisted in creating the décor for 2016.

Westcliff School is also involved in a technical capacity with wire work and soldering. At Westcliff School, they strive to give every learner the opportunity to discover his/her potential and develop fully by acquiring skills, in order to reach adulthood, become a worthy human being and contribute to the economy of the community.

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